Friday 8 July 2016

Training has restarted!!!!

Hi guys!  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :-)

So last night I restarted my training for my Pen-y-ghent challenge.  I've had a 3 week break from walking because I was busy with my dance festival.  It was hard work getting back into walking after the break but I'm glad I have and that I managed to do 11km.

I LOVE nature so I'm really lucky that I live 5 minutes away from the Trans Pennine Trail where I do most of my training.

This is my mum, she is my official camera person and will be taking photos and filming some of my training so you guys can see what I've been up to!

These are some of the short films we had made of my walk last night.  As you can tell I loved the nature around me even "slug valley" and I proved that if you mean to touch a nettle it doesn't sting you!!

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