Thursday 14 July 2016

Personalised t-shirts required

Hi again guys

Im very excited to say that some of the local media have asked if they could speak to me about my Pen-y-ghent challenge, so watch this space!!!  It will soon be the summer holidays which means I have plenty of time to get some training in!

We have had interest from some of my family and friends who want to join me in my training and on the challenge :-) The more the merrier!

We have decided to have some personalised t-shirts made so we can wear them during the training and on Pen-y-ghent.  So if any of you know of anywhere who would be willing to offer us a discount or better yet pay for the t-shirts then please let my mum know We will be happy to advertise on the t-shirts, and any publicity we do, who has helped us get the shirts made up.

Other exciting news is we have been in touch with both of the charities we will be raising money for and both Weston Park Cancer Charity and the Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre are happy to help us publicise the event to try and reach more people!  Im hoping to go and visit both of them soon too!

Mum has found this photo of me and Uncle Peter when we did the Walk as One sponsored walk. This was a challenge for Uncle Peter because his cancer treatment had effected his nerves in his feet, which meant walking could be painful but he completed it!

Who needs superhero's when you have a hero in your family? Uncle Peter was my hero

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